About Lauren's WildFlour Bakery

Lauren’s WildFlour Bakery is a locally owned and run San Marcos, Texas establishment. Lauren has lived all over the world, but "San Marcos is the home of our hearts and our family" since moving here as a young girl in 1989. She attended Texas State University and after a brief career in pharmaceutical research, she began professionally baking in 2008.

Lauren's passion for people and their happiness shines through her baking abilities, and her reputation for amazing cakes and desserts for birthdays, anniversaries and all kinds of events has made the WildFlour Bakery a San Marcos staple.

Inspired by her love of Texas hill country wildflowers and The Clash's song "Wildflower," Lauren officially started Lauren's WildFlour Bakery in 2012. Her self-taught roots in baking, however, run much deeper than that.

How did you get started as a baker?

I started with box mixes mostly, and added stuff that sounded good to me: caramel, peanut butter, toffee, chocolate, pecans. It was the 90's and searching the internet for recipes wasn't really a thing yet. I'd watched a few Martha Stewart shows and baking just looked fun. I was looking through a magazine and saw a recipe for this incredible looking scratch-made peanut butter chocolate cake that was covered in chocolate ganache. I'd never heard of ganache, but it looked amazing. It took me all day, my kitchen was destroyed, and I was late for the birthday party, but when I served that cake and people were freaking out about how great it was, I WAS ALL IN. I became the baker of everyone's birthday cakes.

After a trip to Scotland, I fell in love with scones. A few years later my husband and I were visiting friends in Idaho where our host served fresh scones every morning. She graciously shared her recipe with me and after making a few changes that worked better for me, I found my perfect scone. I baked them for years. One day I was at my favorite coffee shop, and I noticed they weren't serving scones anymore. I asked the owner is she'd like to try mine. She loved them and I had my very first professional baking job.

How long have you been baking amazing goods like your chocolate cake?

10 years, professionally and just-for-fun baking for about 25 years before that. I've been dabbling since I was about 9. When I was 16, I made this perfectly beautiful cheesecake. The first bite told me that in spite of its apparent perfection, I had accidentally used two cups of salt instead of sugar. I LOVE cheesecake, but we've been at odds ever since. My 20's saw a big leap in cake baking for friends and family birthdays.

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